Steps for Creating Custom Made Patches

Designing custom patches has never been easier. There have been many improvements in the embroidered patch industry, both in terms of software and hardware that allow companies to custom tailor patches. Specialized companies can take your designs and create patches. This can mean custom size, color, shape, and picture. Those same companies can also help you through the design process. They can offer suggestions and they have patch artists to consult with. Below we will be going over different considerations you should make when thinking about designing your custom patches.

Some argue whether the first step is artwork or patch shape. Some say that you should construct an image without boarders. Make an image that looks great and has a message. After you do that, you can fit it to a shape. By doing this you have freedom to create any image you want. Those who are for artwork first think that picking shapes takes away from the creativity of creating the patch art.

The biggest issue with creating an image first, and this is why we recommend you pick a shape first, is that when you try to fit the image to a shape the image gets distorted. If you can decide on a shape, whether it is a custom shape or a predefined shape, you can set the canvas. This will allow you to create an image that is easily transferable to the patch. A patch company will show you 20+ different shapes to choose from, which can help to give you an idea of what you can do.

Some custom embroidering companies only allow you to pick certain fonts. Specialized companies can allow you to use your own fonts; however, they do recommend you use a font they have picked (the fonts that have been picked have been printed and tested, meaning that they read clearly on patches). When picking a font, please consider how clear the font reads.

When you have finished your art, you can send it to the patch company. It is easier to use a digital image, but specialized custom embroidered patch makers can scan physical images. The turn around time once the process has begun is not long, depending on the amount of patches that you need made.

Don't just jump into creating a patch because there is an art form to creating custom embroidered patches. If you follow certain steps, the final product will always come out better.

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