Woven or Embroidered Patches

There are so many different reasons to consider creating custom made patches. On any given day, a person is rather likely to see multiple customized patches used by different people (men, women, and children). Each Boy Scout troop will have specially designed patches, and for them these patches signify affiliation and accomplishments. Soccer teams, including professional, amateur, and recreational, use patches to represent team allegiance. Players as well as fans adorn these patches on articles of clothing, so that they can show team pride. Police officers, fire fighters, and EMTs all wear patches to show what unit and precinct they are with. The same applies for all branches of the military.

Before these groups and institution created their patches, they had to think long and hard about design and customizability. One of the most important questions to ask is whether you want a custom embroidered patch or a custom woven patch. Although both patches are great, each has their own pros and cons. It is important to know the distinction before commissioning a professional patch making company. Woven and embroidered patches are made differently, so they look and feel different. Price is also a factor when it comes to making a decision.

An embroidered patch is made with more densely compacted stitching. It is not possible for a woven patch to achieve this density, and this is because a thick embroidery thread is used for embroidering. This gives embroidered patches a different look and feel. The threads are slightly raised, which will give the patch a 3D look.
Another big distinction between the two production types is the backing of the patch. An embroidered patch will typically have a cotton canvas and this makes the application of a patch to clothing easier. A woven patch needs a bit more work to get attached properly.

As a result of the thickness of embroidered patch detailing is harder to do and see. If you are trying to print an image that is very detailed, woven patches might be a better option for you. The thinness of the woven stich allows for easy detailing.

You will also find more options for materials when it comes to woven patches: damask, satin, and cotton. The different materials allow you to get patches that will accomplish what you want, whether it is feel or durability.  The size of the patches varies more than an embroidered patch.

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