Custom patches

New, Exciting Gifts to Show You Our
Appreciation for Your Valued Business
Every valued customer should receive our special thank you gift. Any order of $100 or more, you may choose a cap as your gift. Whether you are a sportsman, scout or just patriotic, specify your gift cap. One cap per person.

Should you desire as a purchase (for additional caps),
$7.50 ea. + $2.50 shipping/handling. One size fits all.
Cap colors: Orange, Camouflage or Navy Blue.

Our thank you - Selection A


Show your style with this quality sport shirt. Constructed of 50% cotton and 50% polyester fabric and your choice of embroidered logo shown, these shirts are a great gift. Just another way we express our appreciation for your valued business. Your order of $300 or more is your qualification. Additional shirts priced right for you.

Custom designs available.
Sizes: S-M-L-XL.
Shirt colors: Ash or Navy Blue.

Our thank you - Selection B


Your valued purchase and then our gift of this national brand sweatshirt, with one of these special logos embroidered, is another way we wish to let you know we are always happy to serve you.

Sizes: S-M-L-XL.
Shirt colors: Navy Blue or Red only.
Qualification: your order of $400 or more.

Our thank you - Selection C


Your free jacket. To receive this, your order must be a minimum of $200, 3" patches and all patches must be same design. We will sew one patch of your order to the sleeve or front or back - you decide*. One jacket per order. This is a quality lt. lined windbreaker.   A $24.95 value - free.

Available in Red or Navy.
Sizes: S-M-L-XL.

* If one of the stock logo designs shown in place of patch, add $3.00.

Our thank you - Selection D


We look forward to serving your group again.

** If shipping to another address, please advise.

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