Guidelines for Creating Boy Scout Patches

The boy scouts of America are synonyms with embroidered patches. Each member of the boy scouts proudly emblazes their uniform with custom made patches that bares a symbolic meaning of accomplishment and expertise. Every patch has a distinct meaning, and they often require a lot of dedication and work to obtain.  Custom made Boy Scout patches must be commissioned by a council, scouting unit, and are subject to strict regulations and parameters.  Below is a quick list of restrictions and guidelines for creating custom made patches for the Boy Scouts of America. 

  • All patches are required to display the boy scout of America logo or corporate identifier.
  • Patches or emblems must represent a specific scouting event or accomplishment.
  • There shouldn’t be any other trademarks or logos from another organization without the expressed consent of the trademark owner.
  • It is mandatory that no obscene gestures, remarks, or foul language be displayed on the patch.
  • There are certain colors that are restricted for custom made Boy Scout patches. Neon colors and pastels are typically prohibited from patches.
  • In no way should the words, logo, artwork, or overall design of the patch reflect poorly upon the Boy Scouts of America’s values, members, or corporate identity.
  • No political references should be made on custom patch.

If you are interested in learning more about custom made patches and what is deemed appropriate by the Boy Scouts of America, contact a local embroidered patch maker for more tips and info. 


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