Sewing Patches on Shirts and Jackets

Custom made patches help to brighten up a simple article of clothing with personality and flare.  Most people who purchase these patches choose to embroider or sew the patch onto their chosen piece of clothes. Sewing patches onto shirts and jackets is a simple task, and this short article will help highlight what you will need, and the correct methods to adhere a patch to a piece of clothes.

For this type of project, you will need a sewing needle, a custom made patch, thread, and an article of clothes. To start off, choose an appropriate place to adorn your patch, and safety pin the patch through the shirt or pants. Next, thread the needle through the custom made patch and poke the needle through both the piece of clothes and the patch. This is the beginning of the first stitch. After, pull the needle and thread until there in next to no thread remaining on the other side of the patch, tie a knot on the opposite side, and tie a knot that will prevent the thread from coming loose.  Lastly, poke the needle through the upwards facing section of the patch, at least 2 millimeters away from the first one, and pull the thread taught. Repeat this process until the stiches surround the circumference of the patch, making sure that the stiches are as close and as neat as possible.


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