Tips for creating beautiful patches

There are so many different items of clothing that are branded with embroidered patches. People wear articles of clothing with patches on a daily basis. Branding with custom made patches is the perfect way to advertise a business, club, or logo. If you want to design your own patch, there are a few helpful tips that will benefit your patch design, so that manufactures can adequately display your design on a patch. A beautiful, custom patch will surely attract more customers and promote a growing business.

The first suggestion is to always keep your design simple. Some people get over zealous with their initial design. A busy design may look good in theory, but when applied to a patch, it will become difficult to read. If your company’s logo is too complex for a patch, it is best to partner with a graphic designer, who can produce a simplified patch design that resembles your logo.

The next tip is to always consider the size of your patch. For example: most hats use a logo no bigger than 2.5 inches tall and 5.5 inches wide. This allows designs to be recognizable, but not too large for the hat itself. If your patch is too large, it will not look appropriate on the item of clothing.

It is also a great idea to use high contrast colors on custom-made patches. If you use a color scheme that has similar shade, it is often difficult to see the small complexities and details of the design at distance. High contrast colors attract the human eye, and are much more visible.

Borders are also a very important factor that gets overlooked by many inexperienced patch designers. A good border draws the eye in because of its visual impact.  Borders are used to reduce visual confusion, clutter, and help contribute to the overall design and effect of the patch.  If you are designing a patch make sure you use a dark, emboldened border.

If you are still confused, or having trouble picking a patch design, it is always wise to consult with a professional who makes custom patches. Experts on custom made patches can help you design a patch that will look attractive and fit nicely on any item of clothing or accessory. If you follow these simple steps, and consult with a professional, you are guaranteed to have a fantastic patch.


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