Full Spectrum of Different Soccer Patches

A lot of highly competitive soccer teams will create soccer patches that have their team and club logo. This is common for college, high school, and top-tier travel teams. Sometimes soccer jersey can look similar to other teams' jerseys, and so it's the unique team patch that really makes the jersey special. These patches are usually sowed onto the chest or one arm sleeve. The patches range in size, shapes, and even colors. There are professional patch matching companies who specialize in working with sports teams. This means that these companies work with teams who have logos, as well as teams who only have ideas for logos.

Not only do soccer teams create patches to affix to their jersey, but they also make them to trade with other teams. There is a long-standing tradition with travel youth soccer teams, and that tradition calls for exchanging patches after games. This doesn't mean that every single game calls for exchanging patches. The exchanges happen at special games or tournaments. This could be a playoff game, a state game, or any game during a tournament.

Just because soccer teams create patches to put on their jerseys and to hand out doesn't mean that teams don't use other types of patches. Some highly competitive teams use Cs and As for captains and assistant captains. For less competitive teams, such as local recreational teams or local catholic leagues, they will use patches as a way to incentivize and motivate players. These patches are usually small colored soccer balls. These patches can be used for different reasons. Some teams will award a player a small soccer ball patch for every goal they score throughout the season. This makes kids work harder in practice and during the game. This is because they want to have patches sown onto their jerseys. It can also help with team building skill as well. Just as some teams award patches for goals, some award them for assists and games played well. It is important to award most or all the kids some patches because if only one or two have patches it could lead to turmoil between team members. If you do not have a motivational system put in place yet for your team and kids, then maybe it's time to get some patches.

Regardless of the type of patch you are getting, you want to make sure you are shopping with patch makers who can produce high quality work.


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