Wholesale Embroidered Patches

If you are looking for wholesale embroidered patches, then look no further than Eastern Emblem. Eastern Emblem has been dedicated to your satisfaction and product pleasure since 1960.

Eastern Emblems is proud to supply many local and out of state police units with custom embroidered patches. For police officers, the uniform is drastically important for the job, but the patches they wear go beyond simply being a uniform. The patches policemen and women sow onto their clothes is a sign a comradery and of belonging. It’s a sign of togetherness that allows them to feel close with their whole force. It is worn like a badge of honor.

Eastern Emblem can provide custom patches in different shapes, sizes, colors, fonts, and even with different images. We specialize in making custom work that represents your police force or unit. These custom designs are a great way to distinguish between counties police forces, patrol squad, and even roles within the patrol squad.

It is interesting to see how police patches have changed and developed over the years. You can trace a police forces' history through the patches they have attached to their arms. Usually a police squad will get new patches every year or two, and usually there will be minor alterations to the patch or the design. For the policemen have been working with for ten plus years, we are able to all the changes that were made to the logos.

Our talented staff can make your patches come to life, even if you are unsure of what you want. At Eastern Emblem with have certain stock shapes, colors, fonts, and designs, and each can be mismatched to create a beautiful piece of art that any and all cops would be proud to wear. We are no strangers to getting call about completely revamping a police patch, and we are familiar with people not knowing what they want. Our talented team of artist can help create a custom patch that totally unique.

We offer extremely competitive prices, ad we have the capacity to print high quality patches in large quantities. If you know you need wholesale embroidered patches then look no further. Give us a call today. We look forward to doing business with you.




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