Proper Placement for Military Patches

The United States military uses many different patches and badges to help distinguish rank, unit, and branch of military. The patches also represent special classifications or awards. A solider in the United States army does not get to decide where they put their patches. There are specific regulations for placement and how to affix patches/badges. This code is part of army regulation 670-1. The code regulates patches on both combat uniforms (ACU), as well as patches for garrison uniforms (ASU). Below we will be going over what you'll need and what you'll need to do in order to follow regulation 670-1.

ACM (Army Combat Uniform)- This uniform comes with Velcro attached to each shoulder. This is done to help uniform placement of all-important patches. The patches that come with the uniform will have Velcro on them as well. Putting these patches on is a simple as can be. The only thing to really remember here is what patch goes on what arm. The patch for your unit is put on the left shoulder, where as the right shoulder are for units you once fought in combat with (this only applies if you engaged in combat with the unit). If you are a ranger, scout, or Special Forces, then you can add a skills tab patch on the left shoulder above the unit. A USA flag gets attached above the unit patch on the right shoulder. The patch should have subdued colors, and it should also blend in with the colors of the uniform. On the left breast pocket, you can attach the branch tape (U.S. Army, U.S. Navy, etc.). Nothing can just be placed on a person’s uniform, but instead must be put in the appropriate spot.

When buying military patches that aren't issued by the government for uniforms, some people like to keep this placement in mind. Some current and retired military people like to attach their unit, branch, and rank patches to plane clothing. Rather than simply putting patch randomly on the article of clothing, you can follow in the same tradition as other military uniforms. Putting the appropriate patches on the arm and breast help make the patches and articles of clothing seem more official and patriotic. When putting these patches on, most people will sow them on. The reason military uniforms come with Velcro is for easy exchange as you change ranks, classes, and units.     


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