Patches can help Motivate

Most people involved with youth soccer know the tradition of exchanging embroidered patches.  After most travel games, players will line up, shake hands, and exchange patches. This process is a symbol of sportsmanship, and helps to establish a friendly relationship between youth soccer teams.  Although the patch exchange tradition is typically used to motivate players after the game, patches also motivate players to come to practice, be present, and improve their overall skills as a teammate.

Patch reward programs are used to get players excited and interested in the game of soccer, or any sport for that matter.  If young players skip practice, they will not develop the necessary skills they need to become a well-rounded player.  Players need to attend practice, in order to become a wholesome member of a team.  Giving patches as a reward for attendance, hard work, or outstanding sportsmanship is an excellent method for making practice more engaging.

It is always beneficial to award individual improvement rather than best player awards. Although an MVP trophy makes a player feel accomplished, it discourages other players on the team.  With any team sport, you want to limit internal conflict and avoid arguments over who was the best overall player. Instead, you can hand out superlatives that will motivate all players to improve on an individual level.  Every child on a team should have the chance to earn a patch.

Luckily, embroidered patches are easily customizable, and can be purchased in bulk, at a low cost. This allows coaches to have many different types of patches for varying occasions. For instance, if your team loses, but played as hard as they could, “hustle” patches could be handed out to several players. This would help keep moral high, in light of defeat.  Custom made patches can be purchased online, and can have any type of design.  The patch can bear the insignia on of the team, as well as the delineation of the award.

If you are interested and want to learn more about custom patches it is best to contact a local embroidered patch manufacturer in the area.  Professionals in the custom patch field are the best equipped to answer any question regarding patches, how they are designed, and how much they cost to create.  It is important to keep youth energetic and passionate about their beloved sport and embroidered patches are the perfect tool to keep children motivated and happy!



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