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The neckerchief has a long tradition in the firefighting world. It was first used as a way to identify fire companies. It was also used to keep smoke out of mouth.

Neckerchiefs are square pieces of cloth folded diagonally. The user will then roll the cloth from the tip. You continue to roll the cloth ¾ of the way up the cloth. The rolled ends are passed around the front were they are tied together or put in a fastener called a woggle. The woggle is a neckerchief slide. You can adjust the height were the ends join by sliding the woggle up or down. The rest of the cloth is left on rolled and forms a triangle on the back of the wearer. They can be worn above the collar or below the collar depending on dress code.

Fire companies from all around the world will use a neckerchief as a way of dressing up their uniforms. In these times neckerchiefs do not have the practical application that they used to have but tit brings the history of the fire company out. A long standing tradition that shows the longevity of a company. There is a pride in wearing your companies neckerchiefs.

Sailors in the US have had Neckerchiefs as part of their uniform since the civil war. The cloth in the US navy is black. The woman’s naval uniform also includes a neckerchief as part of its summer dress uniform.

The significance of the neckerchief to identify is very popular. In days of yore there was hand to hand combat from ship to ship. The uniforms were very important to know who was fighting who. With the smoke from cannons and guns any marking on a uniform was helpful.

Today the boy scouts keep the tradition of a neckerchief alive. The neckerchief is an important part of wilderness survival, Each troop will have its own colors on their neckerchiefs. This is a tradition for United States boy scouts. In some countries the neckerchief is colors or pattern is uniform throughout the country.

The neckerchiefs of today are mostly printed or embroidered. There was a time when they were tied in knots . Different knots for different purposes. Today they are decorative and are an important part of fire uniforms boy scouts uniforms and sailors uniforms.

Custom Embroidered Firefighter Patches: Keeping Tradition Alive

If you've ever seen a firefighter in full gear, or at least wearing a work-polo, then you may have noticed that many different things make up their uniforms. Of course, the color of clothing will be slightly different from state to state and city to city, but the equipment will be rather similar. One of the biggest distinctions between a different firefighter's equipment is the patch that adorns the uniform. These are usually custom embroidered patched. It is very common for a specific firehouse to have their own patches that help them distinguish between other firehouses and departments. The uniqueness of each patch makes it a badge of honor for the person wearing it. There are even usually long traditions and histories of a fireman/woman’s patch.

For instance, the Modesto Regional Fire Authority, in Modesto, CA has a rather interesting history. The first patches were meant to be works in progress, and it was never intended to be the final product. The basic shape, color, and layout were approved, but not much more than that. The design in the middle of the patch changed slightly throughout the years, as well as colors and shapes. The first patch used an original lettering that circled the patch. The patch is in essence the merger of three departments: Modesto City, County Fire Wardern's, and Salida Fire Protection District. This is why the original patch had three stars at the top. This patch was first printed in 1983. The patch has gone through several changes in its life, and has seen different wording, shapes, colors, and more. The current version is now much wider with a black background and simple lettering. This is just one specific city's patch, so you can imagine all the history that fire department patches have throughout the county.

Regardless of the state or the city, firefighters bond over the patches they wear on their uniforms. At Eastern Emblem we understand this history and tradition, and we work tirelessly to help keep that tradition going. We work with fire departments throughout the country, and so we are no strangers to making top-quality embroidered custom patches. If you have a design that is ready to go, then we can help turn that design into a tangible patch. If you are still in the creative phase of the patch, then our artists can help you decided on a great final image. Our custom embroidered patches will go perfectly on your fire department uniforms


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