Design Your Own Patch

How to Get a Great Patch

When it comes to creating the perfect patch, you have many different options. Of course, the first thing to think about is the artwork on the patch. Whether the patch is for a soccer team, motorcycle club, or college fraternity, people want art that is original and unique. Technology exists these days that allows for patch making companies to upload any image to be made into a patch. This means that you can have custom artist draw a patch design that is then transformed into a patch by a patch company.

The next thing to think about is the color of your patch. People usually want colors that pop, but people do not always know the best color combinations. Good patch making companies will have preset color themes that you can look at, as well as artists who can help work with colors on a one-on-one basis.
Once you have gotten color and art out of the way you must think about one more important thing. This one thing is glossed over when looking into creating patches. Please be considerate of how your patch is made; this will affect the final version of your patch. This means you should know if you patch is being woven, printed, or embroidered.

Embroidered Patches:

The most commonly made and used patch is the embroidered patch. You will have seen this on police uniforms, varsity high school jackets, and even some hats. The patch begins with a twill base and then thread is embroidered on top of it. You can get 50, 75, or 100% embroidered products. The difference is between how much of the twill is visible. Each of the percentages will have a different tactile feel.

Woven Patches:

Woven patches do not look too dissimilar from embroidered patches. Woven patches use thinner thread, and so those patches are best when working with very detailed designs. Although an embroidered patch is more durable in the long run, it cannot get the clarity of image like a woven patch can. This also means that the text on the patch can be smaller and clearer.

Printed Patches:

With these patches you can take a photograph, design, or text and print it directly onto a blank twill fabric. These patches are completely washable and a fade proof. These patches are great if you need a lot in a short period of time. They also allow for amazing realism in image that isn't possible with woven or embroidered.


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