Harry Tillman


Have you ever seen crummy patches before? I mean patches that have dull colors, poor images, loose fabrics, and more. Why would you want to buy yourself something like that, especially when it is for your child’s Boy Scout patches? If you shop with Eastern Emblems then you can get custom scout patches that are top-notch. My son’s sash is looking great now, and I know why.

Christina Miller


If you are in the market for custom embroidered patches then you should look no further than Eastern Emblem. I ordered a set of custom embroidered patches for my band to sell, and we got those patches from Eastern Emblem. My band mates and I are sort of perfectionists, and Eastern Emblem ensured us that we would get the best patches possible. I am excited to sell the patches at our next show.

Brittany Vovan


Getting custom scout patches can help your troop look distinguishable from the other local troops. To often people go through the Boy Scout catalog to get patches, but they can get better patches from Eastern Emblem. They have talented artist helped me design the perfect patches. If you need great scout patches then call Eastern Emblem like me.

Nigel Rowan


I just recently bought custom embroidered patches for my daughter’s soccer team. They are really great, and I am excited to have them handed out at their next tournament. Eastern Emblem made ordering patches so simple, and even more than that the patches I got look incredible.

Tim Rollins
My son plays on a travel soccer team, and normally then don’t need patches to play; however, when they go to tournaments it is customary for teams to exchange patches. It was my responsibility as team manager, and so I turned to Eastern Emblem for help. My son’s team is the rams, and so we wanted an image of a ram, but we didn’t know much more than that. Eastern Emblem has artists who were able to make an abstract patch idea come to life. They make amazing custom embroidered patches. I’m glad I hired Eastern Emblem.

Jerry Rodgers
I thought it would be a good idea to get patches for my bowling team. We have jerseys, but it thought it would be cool to put custom patches on the sleeve of our shirt. I didn’t tell my teammates, and instead I just went ahead and did it. I consider myself somewhat of an artist, and so I made up a drawing of what the patch should look like. I took the picture to Eastern Emblem, and they were able to turn my art into an amazing embroidered patch. I showed them to my team and they loved them. Thank you, Eastern Emblem.

Helen Rowan
I am in a touring band, and we are about to hit the road. We are bringing merchandise to sell, and we want to bring patches with us. Last year we ordered patches from the company we ordered shirts from, and the patches came out poorly. This year we wanted patches again, but we decided to go with professionals. We hired Eastern Emblem, and they got us three different patch designs. They made up custom embroidered patches that we absolutely loved. I really think our fans are going to like them too.

Phil Lester
Getting custom embroidered patches can really look and feel amazing, but if you go with a bad company then you will hate them. I recently worked with Eastern Emblem, and now I have a place to call for any an all of my custom embroidering needs. I sell patches with my record store’s logo on it, and Eastern Emblem helps to make that possible. If you need custom embroidered patches then call Eastern Emblem today.



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