Custom Made Patches for Schools

School patches have been a rich tradition at many institutions over the course of history. A patch is worn to symbolize accomplishments, achievements, and school spirit.  Patches can be designed for a multitude of academic accolades, sports teams, or clubs and can be sewn into most articles of clothing and accessories.

One of the more easily recognizable patches is the Varsity letter.  A varsity letter is an award obtained when a student preforms exceptionally in a school activity and is a qualified varsity team member.  Varsity letter patches are typically sewn onto the arm of a letterman jacket. Students can accumulate letters either two ways: each year played on a team, or number of varsity teams played for.

Another popular embroidered patch is the National Honor Society Patch. You can recognize the National Honor Society Patch by its blue and gold official colors and the motto “Noblesse Oblige,” literally meaning nobility obliges.  The design of the society patch is primarily seen in a keystone shape, and is adorned with a blazing torch in the center of the patch.  To obtain such a patch, a student must have exceptional grades, be on the honor roll, and demonstrate excellence in leadership, service, and character. Being a member of the national honor can help a high school student gain enrollment into a prestigious college or institution.

Patches for student organized clubs or teams can also be custom designed by a proper company.  A patch can be designed at a very intricate level and customers can choose, colors, shapes, materials, logos, text, and so much more.  For instance, the cooking club can have a special patch that has pots, pans, and food in the design. These embroidered patches can even be attached to tee shirts as a school uniform.

To make uniforms more colorful, promote school spirit, and signify which institution a student belongs to, custom made patches can be integrated in a school’s uniform. By sewing the patch onto the breast of a shirt, a patch can help the unify uniforms of a school. There are many beneficial reasons for having school uniforms; one of those reasons is a child's well being.  If a child gets lost, wanders away from the school premises, or gets turned around after leaving school, a patch can help identify what school the student belongs to.    A helpful Samaritan or truancy officer can help bring the child back to their educational institution, where his or her parent can be contacted.


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