Custom iron on patches

Using Iron-on Patches

Patches are a great way to help liven up clothing by showing team, town, state, or school pride. Patches can be custom designed to give you special uniqueness not found anywhere else. Some patches are rather hard to get onto fabric, and this is because not many people know how to sow properly.  Considering this is the case, people are turned off from getting patches. Custom embroidered patches are thick, and so for those who can sow it is still rather difficult. There are different patches available that are extremely easy to apply, and they still have the same beauty and durability of other patches.

Iron-on patches are extremely easy to apply if you know what you are doing and you prepare.

The first thing you will want to do before ironing on a patch to a piece of fabric is to know what type of fabric you are working with. This is important because some materials take better to this process. Normally, articles of clothing come with a tag, and on that tag is information about what materials make up the fabric. You will want to use denim or cotton as the fabrics you work with.

While looking at the tag, you should also see whether or not the fabric could be ironed. If it cannot then you will usually see a crossed-out iron icon on the label. For instance, polyester is much harder to work with. The heat of an iron is too high for polyester, which can lead to discoloration. You may also want to avoid silk for the same reasons.

Be careful when applying thick patches. The rule of applying iron-on patches is that you want your fabric to be as thick as the patch you applying it too (if not thicker).

Lay your fabric on a flat, ironable surface.

Place the patch on the fabric with the glue side down.

Get your iron and turn it to the hottest possible setting. Please, turn off the steam option. If possible, make sure that the iron is empty of water.

Place a thin towel or dishrag over the patch. Be carful, because the patch can shift underneath the cloth.

Press the iron onto the patch for 15 seconds. Apply as much force as you can.

Take the iron off and let the patch cool for at least a minute.

You now have a patch ironed on to your fabric.


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