Custom Embroidered Patches for Motorcycle Groups

Do you belong to a motorcycle group that you want to make “official?” Then you may want to consider getting custom embroidered patches for your group. Why? Because they symbolize membership in a group recognized by the AMA, or the American Motorcycle Association, founded in 1924.

If you want to belong to a motorcycle groups, there are several ways to recognize which group may be best for you to join. Take a look at some of these markers:

  • A patch that is sewn on to the back of a jacket that is in one piece often signifies a family club, riding group, or another group that is sanctioned by the AMA as a political rights or bikers’ rights group.
  • A 2-piece patch may signify a group that is in transition. This often means they are waiting for approval from other clubs that are sanctioned by the AMA to become a fully functional riding club. The 2-piece patch is worn with respect while patiently awaiting approval from the other groups.
  • A 3-piece patch is the marker of a group that is not sanctioned by the AMA. A person who is interested in becoming a member may be allowed to wear the bottom patch while in the process of become a fully approved member. Once their status changes to full-fledged member, they can then wear all 3 pieces.
  • The custom embroidered patches containing a diamond and the numbers, 1%, or 13, on them signifies the troublemakers. These are the groups that are not sanctioned by the AMA and exist to cause trouble. These groups are often banned from attending AMA events.
  • You may see some patches with the word, “nomad,” on it. This signifies a person with no fixed address. They simply love being on the open road.

No matter if the AMA sanctions the group, or they are riding on their own terms, it is important to respect the group colors. It is considered disrespectful to touch the colors by wearing it without formal group membership. The only other people that are allowed to wear the jacket with the custom embroidered patches are the significant others of group members. Finally, members love to take photos with their bikes; so don’t be shy about asking. Just remember to refrain from taking a photo of the license plate!


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