Branding a Business with the help of Patches

Embroidered patches have a wide variety of uses. Different types of patches help to signify belonging, camaraderie, or even ranking across a variety of industries.  Most embroidered patches are custom designed to meet the desires of a specific individual or company. In the business realm, there are many different reasons why a company would want to use patches, in order to brand their business.

Embroidered patches can be attached to any article of clothing or accessory.  If a company chooses to make patches for sale, they can advertise their business on a customer’s clothing or bags.  Whether the industry is large or small, an embroidered patch can be added to an article of clothing to promote pride in the business. For example, if a small company or club sells patches to members, they can make money while advertising their name. Another benefit of branding a business with an embroidered patch is the fact that patches are much cheaper to produce than any piece of apparel.  If a company only produces a patch, and has their customer attach it to their own accessory, it saves money and spreads brand image.

Customs made patches are also a great tool for simply promoting a business’ brand presence and logo on employee uniforms.  A boring uniform can be made much more elaborate with a vibrant, custom-made patch.  Patches can be designed to show a logo, or even a name of an employee.  Business patches are fully customizable and often come in multiple variations of materials.  If the business is large corporate conglomerate, or a small start up, they can increase their brand with a business patch.

Many different hotels, resorts, and spas require employees to wear embroidered patches on their uniforms.  The patches serve as a form of identification for different types of personal. In the hospitality industry, it is also important to have names visible, so that customers and guests can easily know the names of employees. Another industry that commonly utilizes the embroidered patch is the heating, plumbing, cooling, and refrigeration sector. Plumbers and HVAC technicians often use patches to brand their company on uniforms.

If you are a company that is interested in branding your business with a patch, it is best to contact a custom embroidered patch professional in the local area.  A professional can help come up with designs that would best suit your company, and increase branding initiatives.


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