Backs of Patches

Have you ever worn a piece of clothing with a customized patch? These patches are a sign of unique personality traits, that signify likes, interests, affiliations, and accomplishments. Embroidered patches are designed with a large variety of backings, and each adheres to materials in a different fashion.

Plastic backings are commonly used on custom patches because it add stiffness and supports the design.  This backing is thin and can be easily sewn onto any garment or accessory, regardless of size, shape, or border type.

Another popular design is iron- on backing, which can be adhered to an item with the heat of a home iron.  These backings are perfect for those with limited sewing abilities, and for those who need to attach the custom patch with ease.

Adhesive backings, also known as peel and stick custom patches, are essentially large, embroidered stickers.  Strong glue is layered onto the back of the patch, and then it is covered with a piece of wax paper. When it is time to attach the patch, the paper is peeled off and then the patch can be attached.

If you want to learn more about custom patches, or their backing designs, contact a local manufacture for more information.


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